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What to Consider Before Buying

If you plan to use a carpet cleaner regularly and most of your home is carpeted, then an upright cleaner, while pricier and bulkier, will be your best option. Upright machines, like vacuums, have larger tank sizes and more power. However, they’re also noisier and more awkward to use than a smaller machine. If you just need to treat occasional stains on rugs and furniture (or even in the car), then a portable machine will be plenty.

Keep in mind that the weight of the machine will increase as the tank fills with dirty water which makes it more difficult to carry up and down stairs and through the house. However, in our testing, we didn’t notice a difference in maneuverability on flat surfaces when the dirty tank became full.

Extra tools, like a brush and crevice attachment, come with most upright models which are helpful for deep cleaning corners, cushions and car seats.

Drying time will vary depending on how thick your carpet or rug is and how long you cleaned. Generally, though, expect to wait a few hours for the surface to be dry enough to sit or walk on.

Some machines pre-mix cleaning solutions in the tank and then pump it into the carpet as you push. Others have a trigger to release the solution as you clean. We prefer machines that mix the solution for you.

As far as maintenance, you’ll need to rinse out the dirty water tanks and remove dog hair or rug fibers from the brush after use. Our testers preferred machines with a brush cover that pops off (no tools required) for easy access to the brush.

steam cleaning only :

1 room 79$
2 rooms 89$
3 rooms 99$
4 rooms 129$
5 rooms 149$
6 rooms 189$