How To Use A Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Welcome to our article on how to use a Hoover carpet cleaner!

If you have carpet in your home, you know that every once in a while it needs to be thoroughly cleaned to keep it looking great and smelling fresh. Investing in a vacuum cleaner is the first step in ensuring your carpet gets proper care.

A Hoover carpet cleaner makes the work of cleaning carpets very easy. To keep it operating efficiently, clean the machine at least once a month, depending on how often you use it. You won’t need any tools to remove the parts or any harsh chemicals to clean it. All you need is just water and a damp cloth.

Let’s look into the ins and outs of how to use a Hoover carpet cleaner, as well as finding out how to clean and maintain it after use.

How Do You Use A Hoover Carpet Cleaner?

Choose a carpet cleaning solution for your specific needs

Different cleaning solutions work best for different uses, such as removing food or pet stains, odors, or just general cleaning. Hoover has its own brand of cleaning solution that will effectively clean your carpet.

Move the furniture from the area you plan to clean

If possible, move all the furniture to another room so that you don’t have to walk on a freshly cleaned floor. If you can’t move the furniture out of the room completely, move it to one side and clean half of the room. Wait for the carpet to dry, then move the furniture back to the other side and clean the other half. For the furniture you can’t move, cover the legs with plastic or paper to keep the piece dry and to prevent wood stains on the wet carpet.

Vacuum the area first before cleaning

Use a regular dry vacuum cleaner to vacuum the whole area to remove all the dirt, hair, and debris from your carpet before using your carpet cleaner. If there are any stains you need to pretreat, do this before cleaning your carpet.

Start cleaning

Fill the water tank in your Hoover carpet cleaner with hot water and mix with the selected cleaning solution.

Set your carpet cleaner settings appropriately, then press the button to begin cleaning. Move slowly over each area to release the cleaning solution. After the first pass, clean over the same area again, repeating the forward and backward movement to remove any stubborn stains.

Overlap the area you’ve just cleaned to avoid leaving any dirty streaks between the clean rows.

Replace the solution in the water tank with warm water to rinse

After you’ve cleaned the entire area, refill the tank with clean, warm water to rinse your carpet. Go over your carpet the same way you cleaned it to rinse out any remaining detergent in your carpet.

Allow your carpet 2-3 hours to dry completely

Your carpet will take a few hours to completely dry. You can speed up the drying process by using a large fan pointed at the carpet. Before replacing the furniture or walking on your carpet, make sure it’s completely dry.

It’s best to clean your carpet at least once a year. Treat any stains as quickly as possible to avoid them ruining your carpet.

Tips To Care For Your Hoover Vacuum Cleaner After Using It

  1. Switch off the Hoover carpet cleaner and remove the power cord from the power source. Look for the button that locks in the solution tank to the vacuum cleaner, located at the front part of the handle. Press it in to detach the solution tank from the side of the machine.
  2. Press the button below the one for the solution tank to release the recovery tank located on the opposite side of the vacuum. Then pull the handle to detach the recovery tank from the machine.
  3. To open the tank caps, press the release latches at the top of each tank. Empty the contents in a sink and rinse the tanks with warm water.
  4. Wipe dirt and debris from the nozzle and the front part of the vacuum with a damp cloth. Lift and slide the nozzle at the top part of the cleaner head, next to the handle. Tilt the vacuum so the front part of the head isn’t on the floor. Replace the nozzle by sliding it up over the channel below the cleaner head up until it snaps into place.
  5. Place the Hoover carpet cleaner flat, with the handle on the floor. Pull out the brushes of the cleaner head and rinse them under cold running water to remove dirt and debris.
  6. Arrange the brushes back in the slots on each side of the cleaner. Make sure the brushes fit properly in the center of the cleaner. Then return the brushes into the cleaning head and make sure they’re locked firmly in place.
  7. Remove the brush filter located below the second brush at the bottom of the cleaner head. Pull out the filter frame and wipe the grime and dirt with a damp cloth, then push it back in place.
  8. You can now store your Hoover carpet cleaner until you need to use it again.

Remember to always wipe the exterior part of your vacuum cleaner with a clean, damp cloth after using it. There are also other ways you can use a vacuum cleaner around the house.


Like other home appliances, your Hoover vacuum cleaner needs to be properly cleaned and maintained to keep it working efficiently. Clean your vacuum cleaner every time you use it to avoid the buildup of dirt on the appliance itself.

Learning how to use a Hoover carpet cleaner will make cleaning your carpet a breeze instead of a headache. Make sure you first remove any furniture from the area you plan to clean. Avoid returning the furniture or walking on the carpet until the carpet is completely dry.

Remember to use the manufacturer-recommended cleaning solutions to ensure the most efficient use. Some manufacturers will void your warranty if you use a cleaning solution other than the one recommended.