How To Use A Bissell Carpet Cleaner

Are you looking for information on how to use a Bissell carpet cleaner? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Bissell carpet cleaners are very easy to use and do a great job of removing dirt and germs from your carpet. Most manufactures recommend that you deep clean your carpet at least once a year or more often if you have kids and pets in your home.

Be sure to follow the instructions on your specific machine to learn how to use the Bissell carpet cleaner.

It’s very quick and easy to remove dirt and grime from your carpet using a carpet cleaner. It is definitely recommended, however, that you take the time to pre-treat stains and dirt in high traffic areas. This makes your work of deep cleaning easier.

How To Use Bissell Carpet Cleaner To Deep Clean Your Carpet

Remove all furniture

Move all the furniture off the carpet and out of the room if you can. This will give you enough space to check for stains around the room. For the furniture you can’t move, be careful as you work around it so as not to scratch or leave marks on the furniture.

Vacuum the carpet

You can use your home vacuum to remove dirt and dust from your carpet. Vacuum thoroughly to make sure you get out as much dirt as possible so that it can be easier to remove the remaining dirt as you clean later.

Treat stains

Use a general carpet shampoo or Bissell Stain Pre-treat. Spray it on the deep stains and the areas that have a lot of foot traffic. You can either spray it directly on your carpet or use a wet cloth to blot the affected areas. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes before you start cleaning.

Fill the water tank with hot tap water

Remove the water tank from the carpet cleaner’s front and separate the top tank from the bottom using the latches attached on each side. Make sure the water is hot and fill it to about 3/4 of the way as indicated.

Add carpet cleaning solution

The water tank has another fill line above the waterline. Pour the cleaning formula until it reaches the second line. To protect your cleaning machine and for the best results, Bissell has a specially formulated cleaning formula designed specifically to be used in this machine.

Make sure you securely connect the tank back to the machine using the latches on both sides of the machine.

Set the dials at the base of the carpet cleaner

Check to see if your carpet cleaner has dials at the base next to the tank. It should have settings for light, normal, and heavy cleaning. Set the dials depending on how dirty your carpet is, and adjust as you clean.

Set the tool dial to the cleaning option

The tool dial is a large button located at the top of the water tank. It has deep cleaning and floor cleaning options. Spin the dial to point at the floor cleaning option.

And now you’re ready to start cleaning your carpet!

Press the power and heater buttons

Plug in the carpet cleaner’s power cord to a power outlet. Press both buttons at the back of the machine to turn on the machine and activate its heating system.

Press the handle trigger to spray water

The handle has a trigger you can pull to spray water onto your carpet. As you push the machine forward and backward, hold the trigger. Clean your carpet in small sections by pushing the cleaner as far as possible without walking.

Do a dry pass over the same area, but this time don’t press the trigger. Move the cleaner forward, and as you pull it back it will suck up all the dirty water. Continue this process until there is no more water on your carpet. You can check the tank to see if there is any more water flowing back into the tank.

Run the machine again over the areas with heavy foot traffic. Spray more water and cleaning formula, and change the cleaning settings for a deep clean if necessary. Also, clean other areas, alternating between wet and dry cleaning to remove any remaining dirt.

NOTE: The Bissell carpet cleaner will automatically shut itself off if it encounters any large objects on your carpet. When this happens, unplug the machine first before you remove the object stuck in the brush roll. Then you can plug it in again.

Empty the dirty water

As you clean, the machine will suck in dirty water into the tank next to the water tank you filled earlier. Once it reaches maximum capacity, detach it from the machine by unclipping the latches. Pour out the dirty water into a sink.

Refill the water tank

Refill the water tank with hot water again. You might have to dump and refill the water tank several times before you finish cleaning, depending on the size of your carpet.

Attach tools to the cleaner

Some carpet cleaners have the option of attaching tools like a hose or a vacuum attachment. Set the tool dial to point to the tools option. This will turn on the power settings to the hose.

Then attach a hose on the free end of the carpet cleaner to clean corners and stairs where the carpet cleaner can’t reach.

Finish cleaning your carpet

Do a dry clean on your carpet one more time to make sure there is no moisture left in the fibers.

Once you’ve finished, unplug the carpet cleaner from the power source, empty any liquid left in the tanks, and rinse them with clean water before reattaching them.


The Bissell carpet cleaner is one of the best carpet cleaning machines you will find on the market today. It does an excellent job of keeping your carpets and furniture clean.

And now that you know how to use a Bissell carpet cleaner, your carpet cleaning days will be both enjoyable and rewarding!