How To Clean Your Carpet Without A Machine

Welcome to our article on how to clean your carpet without a machine!

It doesn’t matter if you’re the cleanest mom or dad. You can’t control your kids and pets tracking mud back to the house, or people forgetting to remove their shoes, or dropping food on the carpet. Mud, coffee, and red fruit punch aren’t a good combination of stains to have on your carpet, especially if you want to keep your floors looking clean.

You may not own a carpet cleaner, or maybe the one you have just breaks down when you need it. During the old days, your grandma got her carpets clean without the help of a modern carpet cleaner or stain removing solutions. Wouldn’t it be great to know how to clean your carpet the old fashioned way? Do they make tutorials on how to clean a carpet without a machine?

If you’re looking for the answers to these questions, then you’ve found the right article!

Carpet cleaners are loud, bulky, and difficult to store. Even though they’re efficient, they’re not the only way you can clean your floors. There are many ways you can keep dust, dirt, and debris from your carpet and rugs without having to use a carpet cleaner.

How To Clean Your Carpet Without A Machine: Dry Cleaning Methods

Pick up surface debris

You don’t need to use a machine to remove large pieces of dirt on your carpet. You can easily pick them up with your hands. Before you do any deep cleaning, take a small trash bag, bend down, and pick up all the large chunks you can find on the carpet.

Shake the dust outside

If you can remove your carpet and/or area rugs, take them outside to your lawn or the driveway and shake out all the dust and debris. Alternatively, hang your rug on a washing line or rail and beat it with a stick or broom to remove the dust and debris.

Protect yourself from breathing in the dust that will be flying around. Be careful not to blow dust back into your house.

Use packing tape to pick up hair and pet fur

Take a few inches of packing tape and press it on your carpet to pick any loose dirt, hair, and pet fur. Use a new piece of tape when the one you’re using loses its stickiness. Or you can use lint rollers. This is a time-consuming activity since the tape is thin, but an easy alternative to deep cleaning.

To make your work easier, divide your carpet into sections so you know which area you’ve already cleaned. Avoid wearing dirty clothes or shoes, but also don’t wear your best clothes since you will end up being dirty after cleaning.

Use a carpet sweeper or brush

There are brushes specifically designed to sweep carpets without pulling out carpet fibers. Carpet sweepers are broad with long soft bristles that can get an amazing amount of dust and dirt out of your carpet.

Carpet brushes will get deep into the long fibers of your carpet to pull out any dirt that is trapped. For faux fur rugs or fine carpets, a brush with metal teeth would be ideal, but be careful not to damage or separate the carpet weaving.

How To Clean Your Carpet Without A Machine: Wet Cleaning Methods

Check the labels on your carpet

How you clean your carpet or rugs will depend on what it’s made from. The instructions on the label will tell you what you need to do. Some carpets need to be dry cleaned while others can be cleaned with water without causing any damage.

Remove stains and spots

Before you deep clean your carpet, blot out any stains and spots to avoid spreading the stain when cleaning. Remember not to rub the stain. Use hydrogen peroxide to remove stains from bodily fluids like urine, blood, or vomit.

For greasy and stubborn stains, spray some dish soap that removes grease and dab it with a cloth. A serrated knife will remove gum and sticky things on your carpet. To remove wine and beer stains, dab with a cloth soaked in club soda.

Fill a bucket with water and dish soap

Clean your carpet with a bucket of soapy water, a brush, and a dry towel. Give your carpet a good scrub, but don’t saturate it with a lot of water because it will be harder to dry.

Alternatively, you can use a homemade remedy of baking soda and vinegar. Just sprinkle the baking soda on your carpet then pour some vinegar on it and let it sit for a few minutes. Use paper towels to blot it out.

Scrub your carpet gently

Scrub dirt from your carpet using a large sponge or scrubbing brush. Divide your carpet into sections to make sure you scrub every part of the carpet.

Use a scrubbing brush with a handle to give you better control and work backward from the corner to avoid kneeling on a wet carpet. Change the water frequently to avoid scrubbing with dirty water.

Rinse with clean water

Once you’ve finished scrubbing, change the soapy water out for clean water. Clean your carpet a second time with the clean water and a clean towel to remove any extra dirt. Remember, don’t use a lot of water on the carpet.

For rugs that can be hand-washed, use lukewarm water and mild dish soap and gently rub it to remove dirt. Then rinse it several times to remove any soap or dirt.

Dry overnight

To prevent your kids, pets, or anyone else stepping on the cleaned carpet, block the entrance to the room with furniture. To speed up the drying process, use floor fans, air conditioners, or open windows to let air circulate in the room. Clean your carpet on dry days with low humidity so that it can dry faster and ensure that mold and mildew don’t form.


With the above points, we hope that you have learned how to clean a carpet without a machine and keep it smelling fresh and clean. It might take a lot more time and energy to clean your carpet without a carpet cleaner, but the results are worth it.