Do Home Carpet Cleaners Work?

Welcome to our article addressing a much-searched question: Do home carpet cleaners work?

Carpets give your home a very cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Unfortunately, they also attract a wide variety of debris and stains that are sometimes hard to remove with a regular vacuum. This is where a good carpet cleaner comes in. It will remove the stains and leave your carpet clean and fresh.

Cleaning your carpet can, at times, be a tough task. Depending on the kind of dirt, spillage, or organic material that is on your carpet, the process of getting all the dirt and stains out can be very challenging. To answer your question, “Do home carpet cleaners work?” let’s look at some of the things you need to consider first.

Finding The Best Home Carpet Cleaner

A carpet cleaner that is good at removing dirt and debris that is stuck deep in your carpet fibers will have a large and powerful motor.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind.

Weight and size of the carpet cleaner

When selecting the right carpet cleaning machine for you, opt for one that is easy to use. A machine that is heavy and bulky will be hard to handle and maneuver around the house. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty steam cleaner, select one that is self-propelled to minimize the energy you will use and reduce the strain on yourself.

If you live in a home that has narrow pathways, stairs, and small rooms, it will be difficult to maneuver a large machine. However, there are large machines that come with detachable wands to help you clean the hard-to-reach places. A portable carpet cleaner may have less power, but it’s easier to use, especially in cleaning stairs and upholstery.

Accessories That Come With The Carpet Cleaner

Some home carpet cleaning machines come with additional features that will make cleaning your carpet much easier.

Getting a quality carpet cleaner is a big investment that will cost you a lot of money, so it’s best to find a carpet cleaner that has features fit your circumstances so you don’t end up wasting your money on something you won’t use. Some of these features include the following.

Tank size

Carpet cleaning machines that have large water tanks with two separate compartments for the cleaning solution and water save you a lot of energy and time that would be used constantly refilling the tank.

Adjustable height

If you own a thicker carpet, it will require a deeper cleaning and a cleaning machine of adjustable its height so you can easily clean the top and bottom sections.

Length of cord and hose

It will be less tiring if you have a cleaning machine with an extra-long cord and hose, long to avoid the constant plugging and unplugging in your machine. The hose should be long enough to reach the places you need to clean.


The extra attachments that come with the cleaning machine should make your work of cleaning easier. Your carpet cleaner becomes more versatile in the sense that you can use it as a steam cleaner, an upholstery cleaner, and more.


Most vacuums and carpet cleaners that use a belt engine wear out with time and require more maintenance. Models that have a belt-free engine require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan.

Types Of Carpet Cleaner

Carpet sweepers

These are light and convenient machines that have little rotating bristles to collect dirt from your carpet. They’re very quiet and are operated manually, but they only pick up dirt, dust, hair, and debris that is on the surface of your carpet.

You can use a carpet sweeper to perform a quick cleaning after doing a thorough vacuuming.

Steam cleaners

These are cleaning machines that use steam to clean and sanitize your carpet.

You can get a lightweight model for home use or a bigger model that is more powerful for industrial purposes. You can also either rent one from your local carpet cleaning company or invest in one of your own.

Vacuum cleaner

A standard vacuum cleaner uses suction and rotating brushes to clean and suck up the dirt and dust from your carpet. A cheaper cleaning model will manage to do the general cleaning, but a high-quality cleaning machine will give you excellent service you can rely on for a long time.

They usually come with separate attachments that you can use to clean your stairs, tiled floor, furniture, and hard-to-reach corners. Some machines have a replaceable bag for picking up dirt while others have a canister you can empty and clean.

Carpet shampooer

These machines use a combination of hot water, low suds of shampoo, and suction to loosen the dirt from your carpet. They’re light and easy to use and are specifically designed for home use.

A carpet shampooer can do a good job of cleaning dirt and stains.

Noise From The Carpet Cleaner

Some home carpet cleaners are very quiet, while others are very loud. Depending on the carpet cleaner you’re using, you might need to protect your ears from the noise. Wearing hearing protection like noise-canceling headphones or earplugs will guarantee you don’t suffer from hearing loss from prolonged use of the machine.

What Cleaning Solution To Use For Routine Cleaning

When you buy a cleaning machine, some of them come with recommendations of the cleaning solution you can use with the machine. Some also give you other specialized cleaning solutions you can use.

For a routine carpet cleaning, you shouldn’t need a spot-cleaner. But to remove tough stains and pet messes, use the specific solution for that particular job.


So do home carpet cleaners work? The simple answer is yes, they do.

After you’ve put into consideration the above points, you will find the perfect home carpet cleaner that will work for your specific needs.