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About Us

Dry foamingTidycarpets.com is a leading indoor hygiene service provider that specializes in professional carpet cleaning, using specially selected technology for revolutionary cleaning results. We also provide all the information needed to help you keep your carpets spotless.

Why do you need professional carpet cleaners? To outsiders, carpet cleaning is just another straight forward process. As professionals, though, we know that it isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are multiple ways to approach almost any cleaning task, but it takes the right knowledge and equipment to clean a carpet effectively.

At TidyCarpets.com, we believe that a clean carpet makes a house feel more like home. That’s why we provide extensive knowledge and assistance regarding carpet cleaning remedies that will help you keep your carpet clean all year round until it is time to bring in the professionals for general carpet cleaning.

Our mission is to provide effective and excellent cleaning services and tips that will improve your indoor living conditions.  Our services here at Tidycarpets.com use cleaning technology that has been proven to be effective and safe on furniture, as well as many types of carpet.

A major benefit of contracting or hiring our cleaning services is the expertise we have when it comes to cleaning all types of carpets. Carpet cleaning is more than just using home cleaning solutions and cleaning equipment on the carpet; it involves knowing what equipment and which solution will work on your particular carpet.

As professionals, we first assess the condition and material of the carpet, and then determine the best approach to adopt. Our training and practical experience over a long period of time through cleaning on a regular basis has helped us understand the ins and outs of carpet cleaning. Compared to most cleaning services, our experience gives us a boost in know-how when it comes to cleaning and treating stains and spots, removing dirt, and getting rid of grime.

The second part of our mission is to impart our carpet cleaning knowledge to our esteemed customers and clients who are looking for simple answers.  We teach you all the tips and tricks that come in handy when you spill something on the carpet and have no time to call cleaning services.

However, tough stains or spots are not something that will go away with a simple DIY. That’s why you need our professional experts to help treat your carpets and leave them looking good as new.

With our help, you can save time and money on cleaning and/or replacing your carpet. It only takes a little investment of your time!